Our Board of Directors

The 2016 Board of Directors gathered for a photo at the 2015 McDazzle gala.  Front Row: David Sparks, Kathleen Sparks, Andrea Halpin, Valerie Tanke, Maggie Scroope, Alisha McNary, Becky Summers  Back Row:  David Bremer, Daniel Smoger, Dr. James Harris, Tom McGovern, Shane Stopczynski, and James Leep.

Leadership for tomorrow


Ronald McDonald House Charities is proud of the community members who are chosen to represent the Charity on its Board of Directors. Each brings unique experiences and skills that assist the chapter, not only during the time that they serve, but as they make plans for the future and longevity of RMH. The Board initiates new programs designed to reach more children and their families in our community.


Our 2017 Board of Directors


  • Tom McGovern, President

  • Andrea Halpin, Vice President

  • Shane Stopczynski, Treasurer

  • Valerie Tanke, Secretary

  • Kathleen Sparks, Emeritus

  • Estephan Awad

  • Tim Chapman

  • Gregg Fore

  • Amy H ill

  • Dave Hudak

  • Niele Ivey

  • Alisha McNary

  • Amy Murrin

  • Michael Pokuta

  • Maggie Scroope

  • Eileen Shue

  • David Sparks

  • Kelly Stanley

  • Josh Swathwood

  • Bill Wargo

  • Dr. Robert White